Lifting YOUR Roof (5 – 6 Minute Read)

“It’s been said that ”You must be something before you can do something”. Many times we get this backwards and we try to do something before being something. Many seem to think that in order to attain to some rank or position we must do something great in order to prove that we can do something great! But, how about doing something great in your own life first?”

Influencing Followers Versus Influencing Leaders

“You must know who your leadership-minded people are by observation of how they operate. How outgoing they are. How independent they are. How influenceable they are. Being leadership-minded doesn’t make them more valuable or more honorable, it just means they must be led differently than those who tend to be more follower-minded.”

A Servant When He Reigneth (5 Minute Read – 7 Minute Audio)

“Real power is found when one who actually has power, whether through some position they hold or some newfound discovery of themselves, uses that power to help others by lifting them up and opening opportunities to them that they otherwise could not have opened to themselves.”

Choose Yourself (Part 2): Breaking the Mold of the Paradigm

“It’s the process that makes us who we are, not the position we hope to attain. The position is a byproduct of the process. Really, any position we attain should be used as a tool to help and serve others, not be touted as some trophy we’ve accomplished. What we are becoming is more important than the rank or title by which we hope to be called.”