Be Careful Where You Get Your Counsel – from John Maxwell’s Book “A Leader’s Heart”

“We must be careful where we get our advice. We cannot get caught up with people just based on their ability to help us accomplish more. It is far better to commit ourselves to the counsel of those who teach us how to accomplish better!”

The Heart of Leadership – from John Maxwell’s Book “A Leader’s Heart”

“Truly being secure about who you are and what you are doing will motivate the right people to do the same. Those who are secure will then be able to help develop security in others. You attract what you are and you are only able to give that which you have.”

Fire of God (Development by Purification) – From John Maxwell’s Book “A Leader’s Heart”

“We will lead like we live. If we live our lives with ulterior motives; always trying to get something for ourselves, then rest assured we will end up leading that way as well.”

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously – from John Maxwell’s Book, “A Leader’s Heart”

“As leaders, if we are not careful, we can run the risk of letting our title and position become too much of our identity; who we think we are, and thereby start becoming too serious about what we are doing.”

In Your Footsteps – From John Maxwell’s Book, “A Leader’s Heart”

“When a leader starts to get better through their own development, they will then attract better kinds of people to them.”

Grow a Leader – Grow the Organization from John Maxwell’s Book, “A Leader’s Heart”

“At this point in Peter’s life, he had positively influenced about five thousand people. He did not start off that way.”