Six Pillars of an Identity Culture

“This identity culture can be in a multibillion dollar corporation, a military unit, a church, a family or any other group of people. These pillars are not just things like Hard Work, Responsibility, Trust, Integrity, and other important things such as these. The six pillars I’ll discuss deal more…”

Taking Advantage of Other People’s Ideas

“By creating a culture where these kinds of things are not only allowed but are also encouraged, we as leaders and influencers may be surprised at the positive results that even benefit us personally. I’m talking about results that micromanaging just can’t produce!”

Progress, Not Just Perfection (With Video Podcast)

“We often hear such phrases as “Practice makes perfect”, or as some have said in trying to add a more positive and perhaps more realistic approach to it, “Perfect practice makes perfect”. But is there really any such thing as “perfection”?”

Leadership Pain

“keep in mind the personal development side of this teaching. When you learn how to deal with leadership pain, it’ll make you able to grow into the kind of person who can handle more and more levels of leadership pain because you understand it is normal and that it happens to all who will lead from their heart.”

Lifting YOUR Roof (5 – 6 Minute Read)

“It’s been said that ”You must be something before you can do something”. Many times we get this backwards and we try to do something before being something. Many seem to think that in order to attain to some rank or position we must do something great in order to prove that we can do something great! But, how about doing something great in your own life first?”

Influencing Followers Versus Influencing Leaders

“You must know who your leadership-minded people are by observation of how they operate. How outgoing they are. How independent they are. How influenceable they are. Being leadership-minded doesn’t make them more valuable or more honorable, it just means they must be led differently than those who tend to be more follower-minded.”