Happy Veterans Day!

My wife and I are both veterans of the US military, so today means something special to us! We truly appreciate all those who have served and those who are currently serving! It means more than you may think it does!!

The Balance Between Value and Image

“We naturally tend to base our value as people or the value of our contributions on how much other people like or dislike us or what we contribute. This is a terrible travesty of justice!”

Energizing and Re-Energizing Your Team

“The concept of energizing and re-energizing your team may sound like a big task at first. You may think, “How can I make someone else energetic?”. This concept is actually far more within your control and far “easier” than you may realize!”

difference makers

Difference Makers

“In a world of automatic conformity, there is always a need for difference makers! My question for you today is, Are you a difference maker?”

Identity Culture

Six Pillars of an Identity Culture

“This identity culture can be in a multibillion dollar corporation, a military unit, a church, a family or any other group of people. These pillars are not just things like Hard Work, Responsibility, Trust, Integrity, and other important things such as these. The six pillars I’ll discuss deal more…”

Establishing a Leadership DMZ

“…a demilitarized zone was established near the 38th parallel north to separate the two countries and act as a buffer zone. Until the war is officially ended with a treaty, this DMZ will remain in place”


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