difference makers

Difference Makers

“In a world of automatic conformity, there is always a need for difference makers! My question for you today is, Are you a difference maker?”

Identity Culture

Six Pillars of an Identity Culture

“This identity culture can be in a multibillion dollar corporation, a military unit, a church, a family or any other group of people. These pillars are not just things like Hard Work, Responsibility, Trust, Integrity, and other important things such as these. The six pillars I’ll discuss deal more…”

Establishing a Leadership DMZ

“…a demilitarized zone was established near the 38th parallel north to separate the two countries and act as a buffer zone. Until the war is officially ended with a treaty, this DMZ will remain in place”

Identifying Outdated Processes

“Though there are many factors we could discuss, in this brief post we are going to focus specifically on identifying outdated processes. Through these process improvements we can hopefully learn how to better identify outdated processes and get rid of the procedural weight that may be bogging down our progress.”

Implementing Ideas

Taking Advantage of Other People’s Ideas

“By creating a culture where these kinds of things are not only allowed but are also encouraged, we as leaders and influencers may be surprised at the positive results that even benefit us personally. I’m talking about results that micromanaging just can’t produce!”

Decide and Do It

Decide and Do It

“…if we have a tendency to not commit to answers or decisions, it could possibly be for any of the following reasons”

Should be person or could be person

Are You a “Should-Be” Person or a “Could-Be” Person?

“When it comes to seeing problems, and most of all solving problems, are you a “Should-be” person or a “Could-be” person? There are distinct differences in how both of these kinds of people view things in life, specifically negative things. Depending on which of these two kinds of people you are will help determine the kinds of outcomes you have in your life.”

Personal Development and Leadership Pain

“I believe that this pain doesn’t come so much from people just flat out not doing what we want them to do, as some may think. Leadership is more than just telling people what to do. I believe this pain occurs most often when…”


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