What Have You Done Today?

“Sometimes I believe we overestimate the need for large steps and we underestimate the effectiveness of smaller and more manageable steps. What I have found in my own life is that the smaller steps are both easier to take and give you more feeling of accomplishment than waiting to take larger steps.”

Progress, Not Just Perfection (With Video Podcast)

“We often hear such phrases as “Practice makes perfect”, or as some have said in trying to add a more positive and perhaps more realistic approach to it, “Perfect practice makes perfect”. But is there really any such thing as “perfection”?”

Leadership Pain

“keep in mind the personal development side of this teaching. When you learn how to deal with leadership pain, it’ll make you able to grow into the kind of person who can handle more and more levels of leadership pain because you understand it is normal and that it happens to all who will lead from their heart.”