Invitation to Lead – From John Maxwell’s Book, “A Leader’s Heart”

*This post is based on John Maxwell’s leadership devotional book entitled A Leader’s Heart.

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Read: Invitation to Lead (Page 2)

Since leadership is simply exercising influence in other peoples’ lives, it therefore becomes a privilege to lead. God, being the Ultimate Leader, invites us to be part of this privilege along with Him. Real leadership is the ability to influence others toward a worthy and positive goal without having to force them through the use of some leverage such as rank, title, and position. Using leverage over others is the approach used by those who try to manage others. But, for those who desire to lead them, they take a completely different approach.

Throughout the word of God, leaders were always called by God because true leadership is just that…a calling. Those whom God called to lead were never forced to do so. Someone who is forced into a leadership position against their will is likely going to use force from that position against the will of those they are supposed to be leading. This is because their heart is truly not in it. They would rather be somewhere else.

Leadership can be a lonely road to walk. Abraham and Moses, from today’s devotional reading, no doubt felt lonely in their calling to lead. This is because you sometimes feel that you’re the only one who carries the vision or are the only one bearing the burden while everyone else is only finding  fault with what you are trying to do. But, if you can bring someone with you on the leadership journey and train them to lead also, then it makes the road less lonely. You have someone who will share in the burden by your side.

Leaders are needed at every level of every work, whether large or small. You don’t have to be the one everybody sees leading in order to be a leader yourself. As a matter of fact, all higher-level leaders need…long for…effective leaders whom they can trust at the foundational levels of the organizational structure.

Will you accept the invitation to lead right where you are? You will be a blessing to more people than you may realize!

Assignment: Intentionally implement some form of influence-based leadership this week at your current level. Be ready to discuss (leave a comment) about what you did and how you believe it will support those above you in the leadership structure and the organization as a whole.

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