Difference Makers

difference makers

In a world of automatic conformity, there is always a need for difference makers! My question for you today is, Are you a difference maker? The following are just a few characteristics of difference makers!

Difference Makers Make Up the Difference

The “difference” spoken of here is the gap between what needs to be done and what is being done. The size of this gap is dependent upon the availability of willing men and women to fill that gap. Throughout history, we read of those who stood in that gap and made up the difference during their time.

We can live in no other time frame than our current generation, but we can learn from past times and make things better for future times. WE are the ones who have the power to do this. We cannot make a better future if we are intent on dragging our past with us and reliving it.

If we ACTUALLY DO want a better future, it has to start somewhere. Let it start with us! It is our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to be the difference makers in our generation…whatever change you are making, make sure that change is for good!

Difference Makers Are Different

The Pareto Principle (or the “80 / 20 Rule”) states that 80% percent of the work will be done by 20% of the people. In every group, the difference makers are ALWAYS the smaller percentage of the group. It takes willingnessto be different from the rest of the crowd and those who are different from the crowd are usually the outcasts. This means it also takes courage to be a difference maker! But, these difference makers thrivewhen they’re around other difference makers!

Difference Makers Make the Difference

Leadership author and speaker, John Maxwell has said, “I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference, at a time when it makes a difference”. I also want to be around these kinds of people!

How do we become difference makers? By first being changed ourselves. We cannot resist change and embrace change at the same time. Many people are afraid of outward change, but what about inward change? That’s needed as well. Until inward change happens, outward change is meaningless!

Given all this information about what makes a difference maker…are YOU a difference maker?

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Published by Jason Fulmer

Jason Fulmer is a Pastor, Human Resources Professional, and Development Teacher. He currently operates two blogs: PastorFulmer.com, where he posts Bible-based development articles, and NextLevelLiving.blog, where he posts personal and professional development articles. His life's goal is to encourage men and women to go to THEIR next level of living and leading. He believes the best way to accomplish this goal is through Education and Example!

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