Lifting YOUR Roof (5 – 6 Minute Read)

When we speak of “Lifting YOUR Roof” we’re speaking of addressing areas of your life that will better enhance your skills and abilities so that you may subsequently be of better service to mankind while at the same time moving you closer to that which you truly believe is your dream and calling in life. Your dream and calling should be something that serves your fellow person, and if it will, then you’ll almost have no choice but to go out after it because your heart won’t let you do otherwise! The following are a few things to keep in mind as well as a few things that will probably occur along the way if you truly are serious about lifting your roof!

Improving Upon Your Personal Life

It’s been said that ”You must be something before you can do something”. Many times we get this backwards and we try to do something before being something. Many seem to think that in order to attain to some rank or position we must do something great in order to prove that we can do something great! But, how about doing something great in your own life first?

Many people with evil motives have done large scale things, have achieved many things, and there were many people who considered them to be great but that doesn’t mean they were any good for others! The best thing to do, rather than always chasing the doing part, is to first address the being part because once something has become part of who you are, it will directly affect the things you do. If someone wants to do better in their financial skills, they will have put in the work to become someone who understands financial things better. If someone wants to stop doing something, they’ll have to first learn to become someone who does not do those things. You cannot truly do something until you become something first and it takes effort to become something other than what we have always been. This leads us into our next section.

Breaking Personal Molds

This is far more difficult than people think! Our personal molds are our paradigms, or preset ways of doing things, and they are not easily broken. Someone who is of a more forward nature will find it difficult to operate in more of a gentle way and someone who is of a gentler nature will find it rather difficult to be more forward. Both people will find their natural ways have worked for them in certain areas of life and will find it difficult to change those ways because their successes will seem to validate the way they are and thus make it more difficult for them to believe they need to change. “It’s always worked for me. Why do I need to change?” Again, breaking personal molds is more difficult than people think.

Taking the Heat

John Maxwell once said, “Anytime there is movement, there is friction and friction causes heat”. To the gentler soul mentioned earlier, friction and heat are looked at as negative things because they make people uncomfortable. To the more forward person, friction and heat are looked at as necessary byproducts of the process of change. They realize most people don’t like change, but as it’s been said before “If it’s not working, change it!” and “Change isn’t changed until it’s changed”.

When lifting your roof and changing the way you’ve always done things, there will be heat created. Because of this heat, there will also be pressure to “stop doing that” and to “just be like the rest of us”. People may not say that, but it becomes the vibe they give off. The crowds will stop following them and those who were once close to them will distance themselves because they view them as “unsafe to be around”. They don’t understand that roof lifters aren’t trying to be safe! They’re trying to lift something that is already high above the safety of the ground!

Most people, as in the great majority, cannot take the heat that change creates and thus they do not even try. Dr. Jordan Peterson once said that most people are like zebras. They want to blend in with each other. They don’t mind standing out from the rest of the world as long as they don’t stand out from each other.

If lifting your roof is important to you, and that new and better person is who you really want to become, then you’ll certainly stand out, but you’ll also be able to take the heat!

Stomaching Rejection

Going along with the last point, when you are lifting your roof through such avenues as increasing your knowledge, expanding the horizons of your abilities, creating change (especially culture change), or any other such thing, in addition to the heat it creates because things are moving differently than they have before, there will also be rejection. This rejection will come from all around you. It will come from those leading you, your peer group, and those whom you are leading. But, if you truly believe in the end goal, then your very heart won’t give you rest unless you at least try to go after it.

It’s as Naomi told her daughter-in-law, Ruth, about Boaz: Ruth 3:18  Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day.

Lift YOUR Roof

So, given all these realities of lifting your roof, if you want the roof lifted, be ready for friction, heat, and rejection along the way. But, if you want that roof lifted badly enough, go out after it in full faith and you’ll have it!!

Published by Jason Fulmer

Jason Fulmer is a Pastor and Personal Development Teacher. He currently operates two blogs: where he posts Bible-based Pastoral articles, and where he posts Bible-based leadership and development articles. His life's goal is to encourage men and women to go to THEIR next level of living and leading. He believes the best way to accomplish this goal is through Education and Example!

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