Defining America

Happy Independence Day and thank you for reading, and subscribing to, my blog!! I have truly enjoyed writing it and connecting with you in this way, all to the glory of God!

The following words are my own, though they are inspired by an article from Denis Prager:

Most nations, if not every nation on earth, has been defined by the race and ethnicity of its people. This is true for most every nation except one: the United States of America. It is defined by values. So, to understand America, you have to understand American values. They are 1) E Pluribus Unum (Latin: Out of many, one), 2) Liberty, 3) In God We Trust.

Many people talk badly about America simply because they can (try that in Russia or China), yet when things get difficult where they live, it is to America many of them will flee. Though America has its flaws, because it has people, and even though after being in America and partaking of its luxuries and comforts, some of those same people who fled the hardships of their original nations will begin to disdain the very country that took them in, it is still a great place of OPPORTUNITY…what you make of that opportunity is up to no one else but you!

It’s a place where many are said to be oppressed, while at the same time many of those same people enjoy millions in annual income, their own television shows, and where even those in the lower 10% of income earners are still richer than the majority in other countries! America doesn’t care about your national or ethnic origins.

Assimilation into American culture is faster than any other culture because there are no cultural barriers in place. In most countries, even when you become a citizen legally, you are still not considered fully Japanese, fully German, fully Spanish, fully Mexican, etc. because you didn’t grow up there and you don’t look like them. But in America, as soon as you have become a citizen and have been sworn in as one, you are considered fully American no matter where you’re from or what language you speak! This is what defines America! There is no singular American skin tone or singular American ethnicity…there is only American nationality, but America is made up of MANY ethnicities, which is what makes it so beautiful!

So, the next time you hear anyone ungratefully deriding America, especially if they are someone who immigrated there from a troubled country and are now partaking of its great comforts, just realize that they are simply showing how great America really is! America was made great by God Himself to help the rest of the world, and help the rest of the world we do unto this day!

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